[PDF] Camera Shy by Kay Cove PDF in English

After being dumped before her 30th birthday, a woman spends the summer in Las Vegas. She meets her new neighbor, a photographer, who helps build her confidence and they develop feelings. But the woman must return home after the summer, facing potential heartbreak.

Camera Shy Kay Cove PDF in English

Camera Shy Kay Cove PDF
Camera Shy Kay Cove PDF
PDF TitleCamera Shy
AuthorKay Cove
File Size2.57 MB

About PDF

  • A woman’s boyfriend breaks up with her before her 30th birthday.
  • She goes to Las Vegas for the summer and meets her new neighbor who is a photographer.
  • They make a deal that he will teach her photography and to love herself more.
  • They spend the summer together and develop feelings for each other.
  • The woman becomes more confident but then has to return home after the summer ends.

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