[PDF] Boston Marathon Course Map PDF in English

The Boston Marathon Course Map PDF is a digital document that shows the route of the Boston Marathon. It includes the start and finish locations, mile markers, aid and medical stations, and landmarks along the way. The map is easy to download and print, so runners can use it to plan their race and spectators can use it to find good viewing areas.

Download Boston Marathon Course Map PDF in English

Boston Marathon Course Map PDF
Boston Marathon Course Map PDF
PDF TitleBoston Marathon Course Map PDF
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About PDF

  • The course starts in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and ends in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The course is 26.2 miles long.
  • The course is mostly flat, with some rolling hills.
  • There are 26 aid stations along the course.
  • There are 3 medical stations along the course.
  • The course passes through 8 towns: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, and Boston.
  • Some of the landmarks that runners will pass along the way include:
    • The Framingham State University clock tower
    • The Wellesley College “Heartbreak Hill”
    • The Newton Fire Department
    • The Boston College campus
    • The Citgo sign
    • The finish line on Boylston Street
  • Use the map to plan your race: The map can help you to identify the challenging parts of the course and to plan your pacing strategy.
  • Use the map to find good viewing areas: The map can help you to find good places to watch the race, such as near mile markers or landmarks.
  • Use the map to orient yourself along the course: The map can help you to stay on track and to know where you are at all times.


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