[PDF] Discover the Exciting Romance of “Black Ties and White Lies by Kat Singleton

Experience the thrilling romance of “Black Ties and White Lies” by Kat Singleton in PDF format. Follow the story of a fake relationship, secrets, and unexpected chaos between the main characters, Margo and Beckham Sinclair. This novel is perfect for all romance enthusiasts.

PDF TitleBlack Ties and White Lies
AuthorKat Singleton
File Size1.73 MB

About PDF

  • Black Ties and White Lies is a romance novel by Kat Singleton about a fake relationship between a billionaire and his ex’s older brother’s girlfriend.
  • The story involves secrets, dirty email exchanges, and a mix of chaos and order between the two main characters, Margo and Beckham Sinclair.
  • The book is set in a city full of black ties and white lies, and it explores the blurred line between real and pretend relationships.
  • Some readers have found the book challenging to get through, citing forced interactions and rushed developments, while others have enjoyed it and found it entertaining.

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