[PDF] Barbie Movie 2023 Script PDF in English

Barbie leaves perfect Barbie Land for messy real world where people dislike her. Ken takes over while she’s gone but she gets it back. Barbie decides not to be perfect anymore, instead staying real.

Barbie Script PDF in English

Barbie Script PDF
Barbie Script PDF
PDF TitleBarbie Script PDF
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  • Barbie leaves her perfect life in Barbie Land to visit the messy real world.
  • In the real world, people don’t like Barbie and say she makes women feel bad.
  • While Barbie is gone, Ken takes over Barbie Land and makes it all about boys.
  • Barbie and her friends trick Ken to get back Barbie Land for the girls.
  • Barbie decides not to go back to perfect Barbie Land. She wants to stay real in the real world.

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