[PDF] Understanding the ACC’s Grant of Rights and Its Impact on College Sports

The ACC’s Grant of Rights, a legal agreement lasting until 2036, gives the ACC ownership of TV broadcast rights, aiming to prevent schools from leaving. It’s linked to the ACC’s ESPN deal and has significant implications for the conference’s future.

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  • The ACC’s grant of rights is a legal agreement that means the ACC, not the schools, owns the rights to show their games on TV. This lasts until 2036.
  • The grant of rights was signed in 2013 after Maryland left the ACC. It’s like an insurance policy to stop schools leaving.
  • If a school wants to leave, the ACC could sue them. The school might challenge the grant of rights in court.
  • The grant of rights is tied to the ACC’s TV deal with ESPN. If ESPN ends the deal, it’s not clear if the grant of rights still applies.
  • The grant of rights is a big deal in discussions about the future of the ACC and its schools, especially with recent talk of conference partnerships and realignment

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