[PDF] A Curse for True Love PDF by Stephanie Garber in English

In the conclusion to the Once Upon a Broken Heart trilogy, Evangeline has forgotten the price of her fairytale marriage but her villainous husband plots to keep the magical secrets by killing the Prince of Hearts.

PDF TitleA Curse for True Love
AuthorStephanie Garber
File Size1.71 MB

About PDF

  • It concludes the Once Upon a Broken Heart fantasy trilogy with Evangeline Fox’s story.
  • Evangeline seems to have her fairytale ending married to a prince in a castle.
  • But there’s a devastating price and loss she doesn’t remember from her magic-induced marriage.
  • Her prince husband plots to kill Jack, the Prince of Hearts, to keep the secrets.
  • It builds to a battle for true love and happily ever after between villains, sacrifices, and stolen hearts.

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