[PDF] A Book of Life PDF by Peter Kingsley in English

Kingsley argues ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides gained mystical insight in Egypt that reality is an illusion. His teachings on achieving enlightenment through meditation and non-attachment resemble later Buddhist concepts.

PDF TitleA Book of Life
AuthorPeter Kingsley
File SizeUnknown

About PDF

  • The book explores ancient wisdom traditions and the concept of “seeing” into a deeper reality.
  • It talks about how the Greek philosopher Parmenides traveled to Egypt and gained esoteric knowledge.
  • Kingsley argues that Parmenides’ famous poem describes a mystical journey into enlightenment.
  • The book examines parallels between Parmenides’ teachings and Buddhist ideas about the illusion of reality.
  • Kingsley believes Parmenides gave instructions on how to escape suffering and gain spiritual liberation in this life.

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