[PDF] Unlock Your Body’s Potential: 28-Day Somatic Workout Plan

The 28-Day Somatic Workout Plan is a simple, accessible program designed to help you improve your body awareness, relax, and enhance your mind-body connection. In just 5-10 minutes a day, you can perform the Daily Somatic Essentials routine, which maintains optimum flexibility and helps you connect with your body’s sensations.

PDF Title28-Day Somatic Workout Plan
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  • Daily Somatic Essentials: Spend 5-10 minutes each day on the Daily Somatic Essentials routine to maintain optimum flexibility.
  • Somatic Exercise Series: In addition to the Daily Somatic Essentials, complete a series of Somatic Exercises targeted to your specific needs. Each series consists of lessons focusing on different building blocks to address various conditions.
  • Trauma Relief Exercises: If you experience anxiety or trauma-related symptoms, try somatic release exercises such as Body Scan Exercise, Grounding, and Somatic Yoga Body Scan Exercise.
  • Full Practice: Follow a full somatic practice, such as the one found in, which focuses on releasing weight through interkinesis.
  • At-Home Exercises: Perform somatic exercises at home in a quiet place while lying on a mat or a thick carpet. Move slowly and mindfully, and try to experience movement from the inside out.

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